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Camel  & Jeep Safari, Cultural Excursion

What Type of Safari is it? Where do You Go ?

The ships of desert is Camels are marvelous creatures who will transport our camping equipment, baggage, and enable us to discover some of the beautiful and relatively unexplored regions of Rajasthan. There are no hard and fast rules regarding your safari as each expedition is unique in itself.

En route you and your friends or family are the only ones for miles around the starting and finishing point. Your safari depends on the season, days available and personal interests, but for your convenience, the details will be made available in advance for your approval. You need not be super fit like "He Man" for this great endeavor but just a little resilient. You will be provided with expert guides, well versed in bush lore, botany, and Ornithology and take pleasure in sharing their knowledge with you. Once you are in rhythm with your surroundings, habitat, that is at your first camp, your expert guide will explain a rough plan of your expedition. Your camel syces are a source of strength, guiding by day, and guarding by the night.


Camel & Jeep Safari

Reach Bikaner by road or rail preferably in the morning and check in the hotel. Go for the city tour after breakfast. Overnight in the hotel. Next morning check out after breakfast and get ready for the safari tour.

The jeep tours can be begun from the hotel. The starting point of Camel tours are situated at a distance of two hours drive (approximately) from Bikaner. If one is not travelling by his own means (hired taxi/car etc.) then transport can be provided from Bikaner to the starting point of the camel trek. The camel safari begins after lunch, which is served at the starting point. The route chosen for a camel safari depends on the duration of the trek and the choice of the participant. If he wants to return back to Bikaner then the trek chosen is like a semi-circle (horse - shoe form) from the terminating point of which he can go back to Bikaner to continue his onward tour the same day or the next day. Those participants who wish to continue their journey further after the camel safari for them the trek chosen is almost like a straight line from the starting point to the finishing point of the Camel Safari and from terminating point the participants can drive by road to the next destination of their choice.

» Camel Safari
Camel Safari A Camel Safari is great fun, especially when combining riding and walking side by side with your camel ­ at your own pace; this way you can enjoy both, relaxing riding and refreshing bone stretching. It is obvious that the lon
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